Used Pontoon Boats

by Dave on January 9, 2010

A Little Info On Used Pontoon Boats

The pontoon motorboat was invented in the year 1952. Since then pontoon boats have been growing ever so greatly with popularity. Now most people prefer pontoon boats over various sporting boats. There’s many good reasons for this, pontoon boats are cheaper for there size, meaning you can fit more people on them for your buck, the more people you have on board the bigger the party, the more the merrier, the more fish will get caught and more drinks to be drunk. So pontoon boats have had a good habit of being referred to as party boats. I mean why not? With countless options and customizing they should be considered a party boat, I mean you can buy furniture, fridges, carpet, custom tops, railings, and many other things to make it a party boat. I had seen a picture of one the other day that had a slide built in on the roof, now tell me that wouldn’t be fun.  Pontoon boats can also be used for water sporting like wake boarding, or water skiing, skurfing, depending on what size of motor you have. If you are little tight on budget, and need to fond a great deal, then I would look into used pontoon boats for sale.

Pontoon boats are flat boats with two or three cylinder shaped pontoons under the deck, used as a flotation device, which also deeply aides in the amount of rocking that’s done. They usually have railing across the outer part of the boat, that go up to the bow and usually stop a couple feet from it. The only bad thing about a pontoon boat would be, that they are not made to go out in the ocean. The bow is only a couple feet from the water, and it doesn’t take a big wave to crash over the bow, so if you do plan on going off shore you better make sure that the seas are very calm, but I would not recommend it at all. There’s plenty of places to go inshore in most cases, you can fish the flats or get involved in some water skiing, or you could just throw a party with your friends and family on the water.

Choosing The Right Size Pontoon Boat

The smaller sized motor pontoon boats are generally about 18 foot long, an 18 foot long pontoon boat can comfortably hold about 8-10 people. The larger sized motor pontoon boats are about 26 foot long, and they can comfortably hold about 16-20 people. Just something to keep in mind, because even the smaller pontoon boats can carry a good load, and 8-10 people is definitely enough people for a fishing trip or a small little party on the water. If you really want to get a feel for how many people you can comfortably fit onto the boat, then you can always rent one for a day or a half of day. Just contact you local marina and see if they are renting out pontoon boats, renting them out for a day is very common in the United States, and if you get enough buddies together, they can all chip in and it shouldn’t be too expensive to have a fun day out on the water, this will give you the best idea of how many persons you can comfortably fit onto a pontoon boat. They also make pontoon boats as tour guides, these are generally a lot bigger than the ones you would fish on or go down a river. The sizes can range from 12′ x 35′ to 12 x 46′ and bigger.

Why A Pontoon Boat?

So why should you purchase a pontoon boat instead of a faster sporting boat? Well like I already stated above you can fit a whole lot more people on a pontoon boat for your dollar. And another good reason is that the chics dig pontoon boats. Thing about it, the girls can lay out in the sun and tan, while the guys can be catching fish and drinking beer, or the girls and guys can be fishing, or the guys can be laying out getting a tan?  And on a pontoon boat there is room for tons of coolers to keep your drinks cold and for people to still comfortably walk around. The amount of customization you could do to a pontoon boat is off the charts, you can treat it just like a house, you will get what you put into it. Say you wanted to optimize it for fishing, well you wouldn’t need a powerful motor to do this, which will cut down on your expenses, because you aren’t going to be going out into the ocean to try and catch some fish, at least I hope you are not. There is all the room you will need, you could easily build or buy a fishing rack for your pontoon boat, you will not have any trouble trying to figure out where you are going to store your fishing gear either. Rod holders can also be mounted all over the boat for your convenience, which will make it so you can have multiple lines out on the water at once to increase your chances to catch some fish. Whether it be all new furniture and railings, new carpet, or just a little motor upgrade, you can make the boat into anything that you want to.

So again, lets look at some of the advantages we have here. They are the lowest cost for square footage of deck space, which is more room to walk around, install chairs, furniture, ice chests, whatever you can think of. They are great for teaching kids how to fish, the stability of the boat will make it easier for the youngsters to adapt their sea legs, plus all of the room to move around and fight the fish. They make a great boat for swimming, diving, or snorkeling, you will have pleny of room to keep all of your equipment.

Safety On The Water

Safety on the water must not be taken lightly when you are out on the water, and there are some items that are mandatory for you to have deemed by the U.S. Coast Guard. You should have at least one life jacket for every person on the boat, or in other words, if your boat has a seating capacity of thirteen then you should have thirteen life jackets on board. Another good thing that you should have on board is an emergency kit, this should consist of medical items that you may need to treat wounds, there are no doctors on board in the water most of the times. A flare kit, if your pontoon boat breaks down, you will need some way to let someone know exactly where you are located. A radio, the main communication on the water is through radio, you should have one in case you need to contact the  U.S. Coast Guard in case of an emergency. An anchor is always good to have, if your boat breaks down and the engine will not start, you will want to anchor and avoid currents from pulling you out to sea or in the ocean, you will sit still until some can be contacted to come and help.

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