Inflatable Pontoon Boats

by Dave on January 9, 2010

What exactly are inflatable pontoon boats? Well they are just as they are named, as they can be inflated, or like some, stay inflated. These are very popular among fishermen for many reasons. One of them is that they are a hole lot cheaper to get on the water and fish compared to many other types of boats that are out there. Also inflatable pontoon boats are easier to move around, as with most of them you will not need to haveĀ  a trailer to get it to the launch ramp.

Depending on what type of inflatable pontoon boat you have, you may be able to even store it in the trunk of your car, and you will be able to inflate it when you get to the launch ramp with the help of a pump. But then again it really depends on what type of design you are looking for. Inflatable pontoon boats are designed to hold one or two people. Most of the ones that are made for fishing are fully equipped for the angler, such as places to hold the rods, cooler space, and of course some space so that you can get to your tackle box.

Some will come with a small motor to get you around where you are going. While others may come with oars, which is a lot cheaper, and also will give you quite the work out to get you where you are going. Either way they are very good for maneuvering in those hard to reach spots that many other boats would not be able to get too. Inflatable pontoons are usually no longer than 10 feet, and I would say around average they are about 8 feet. Now what can you expect to pay.

I have been to many auctions, resources, marinas and websites, and I have to say that you can find them as low as couple hundred bucks up to 2,000 or more. It will all depend on how much seating there is on them, how durable they are, whether they come with a motor or oars, the length of the boat, along with many other factors.

Some of the places that you can fish with inflatable pontoon boats would be lakes, rivers, inland canals, and flats. There are a lot of us that are hurting for money these days and there are a lot of us that want to get in the water to fish but cannot afford a boat. If you really want to get into the water and have some stability, unlike a kayak or a canoe, then the inflatable pontoon boat may be the best decision you have made to purchase a boat.

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