Fishing Pontoon Boat

by Dave on January 9, 2010

Okay so I am going to cover some of the reasons that fishing from a pontoon boat is better than fishing from any other kind of boat, and then I am going to go over some of the disadvantages of fishing from a pontoon boat.

First off if you are just learning to fish, this will be a great way for you to do so, as pontoon boats are very spacious when compared to other types of boats that are out there. You can think of it as a raft, nice and flat, and as I have mentioned before, if you are looking for square footage on the water, then pontoon boats are the way to go.

Bring the kids or kid fishing, there is more room to learn how to cast, walk around. This also greatly benefits those that are learning how to throw a cast net, as you will have plenty of space to swing around and toss the net. Also one of my favorites about pontoon boats are the ones that have a sunroof on them. This is perfect for many reasons. One is that you can go out fishing and not get catch hell from your woman. The women can sit out and tan, drink their margaritas or whatever else it is that they drink, while the men can fish.

Another advantage of having a sunroof is, that you will be able to see all of the fish, assuming that you are flats fishing inland in saltwater, or on a lake looking for some bass. The higher you are the more field you can cover with your eyes, especially if you have on some good polarized glasses.

The space that is available on pontoon boats can greatly benefit fishermen, as they can add livewells, coolers, tackle boxes, basically anything that you can imagine. You will also have plenty of room to store all of your fishing gear such as nets, rods and reels, cast nets, and much more.

If you are getting a pontoon boat for fishing, then you should know that it is not recommended to take it into the oceans or gulfs, as rough seas and pontoon boats do not mix well together. It is by design, some people though ignore this and pay the price by getting soaked. Pontoon boats are not designed for rough waters, actually the good majority of them are not anyway.

The other disadvantage is because they are so wide, and if you are fishing canals and the flats, there may be some spots that you will just not be able to access. Those hard to reach spots are where inflatable pontoon boats will come in handy. Pontoon fishing boats are what you make of them. You can buy a pontoon fishing boat fully equipped for the freshwater or saltwater angler, or you can turn a ordinary pontoon boat into a fishermen’s paradise customizing it to the edge of your imagination.

The way that I look at pontoon boats are homes that are on the water, and many of them actually are, except they are called something different, houseboats. You can do whatever you want to them, you can spend money to customize them a whole lot more than many of the other boats that are out there. That is why I love them so much, now if I was a deep sea fisherman I would not be going out 20 miles for dolphin in a pontoon, I wouldn’t even go a mile out in a pontoon, but I would fish lakes and the saltwater inshore flats all day in a pontoon fishing boat.

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Bonnie Phillips September 18, 2010 at 11:00 am

Great Advice. I am looking into buying a Pontoon next Spring or so. Nothing fancy, just a neat little pontoon to fish and maybe have cook outs on. Getting very excited about it. Thanks for the information. Bonnie

marcus guidry September 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm

I am looking into buying a Pontoon . Looking for a neat little pontoon to fish and maybe have cook outs on. Thanks for the information. I am interested in a 20 foot fishing series with a 50 hp motor.

Any help would be appreciated.


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