Can Pontoon Boats Go Fast?

by Dave on January 9, 2010

Pontoon Boats Can Go Fast

Most people think pontoon boats are big flat rafts that are very slow and are only made for cruising, since they are not designed for the big waters of the gulf and definitely not supposed to go into the ocean. This is very untrue, there are many pontoon boats out there that are fast and can break over 40 mph you just have to have your boat set up to do so.

Like I have talked about before there are two basic kinds of motorized pontoon boats, the ones that have the 2 metal cylinders under the deck and the ones that have three. The metal cylinders (or pontoons) allow for the boat to float freely, if you have a boat with two cylinders than it is mainly designed for cruising, not many people care about fast speeds when purchasing a pontoon boat because its not in their right mind to picture a pontoon boat that can haul ass.

But if you do want a pontoon boat that hauls ass then get one that has three pontoons under the deck, this allows for aerodynamics to take over and there will be lest resistance to allow the boat to ‘glide’ a lot faster, but beware that a boat with trio of pontoons is going to cost you a little more money out of your pocket, but if it is speed you are looking for you are going to have to pay that extra dollar. It is the same thing with a car or a motorcycle, if you want to go fast you are going to have to pay for it, same with a pontoon boat.

So you have a pontoon boat with three pontoon under the deck supporting the resistance to haul ass in the water, but the main thing that is going to make you boat jet is going to be the motor, or motors. Think about it, the more power you have pushing the boat the faster you are going to go, just like an airplane or jet, whatever size engine is under the hood (or in this case on the back of the boat), will greatly affect how fast the boat is going to travel.

But if you can’t go out in the ocean or gulf then what is the point of having a fast pontoon boat then? Let’s see, ummmmm what about water sports ! Of course, think about having a vessel on the water that is fast enough for someone to ride some skis or a wakeboard behind, there’s a whole days worth of fun right there.

Water sports are very popular they even feature them in ESPN’s X-Games. So yes it is pretty uncommon to see a pontoon boat speeding through the lake or out in the flats dragging some water skiers behind it, but it does happen. There are pontoon boats out there that have a couple 200 HP motors on the back to allow such great speeds, the only downfall I would think of this is that the turning on a pontoon boat isn’t that great, but that extra pontoon in the middle aids this tremendously. So think again if you thought that pontoon boats are primarily for cruising canals and lakes at 10 mph.

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Don July 22, 2011 at 8:20 am

My wife and I demo’d a Sub Tracker party barge 25XP3 with a Merury 135 last weekend that would break 35mph. My garman GPS had out top speed for the day at 35.3mph. It has these special flat bottom pontoons that lets it plane on the surface.. It can handle 200hp engine so I would think it could get to 40mph or better. I prices the 200hp with trailer for 43,000.00

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